The inaugural Union Solidarity Coalition Celebrity eBay Auction was held during the 2023 WGA SAG Hollywood Strike. The auction was arranged by The Union Solidarity Coalition (TUSC), founded by writers and directors in an effort to connect with crew members affected by the 2023 WGA strike. Earnings from the auction went towards covering health care for crew members affected by the 2023 strike and included offerings such as “Bob Odenkirk & David Cross will Join you for Dinner,” ” Adam Scott Will Walk Your Dog,” “Natasha Lyonne Will Help You Solve the New York Times Sunday Crossword,” and “The Cast of Bob’s Burgers Will Sing a Song Written Just for You.” Soon after its launch, the internet went crazy creating memes of made-up listings and the auction rose to the top of social media trends. The auction was featured in the New York Times, Forbes, LA Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter and more.

Matchfire’s years of experience in managing large campaigns with lots of moving parts and last-minute changes, customer service and bidder prequalification helped the TUSC team focus on building the amazing PR effort that made all the difference in the auction’s success. The campaign garnered over 50 million impressions and raised over $205,000.