Tillamook is one of the best-loved brands in cheese. Imagine putting a fridge full of Tillamook cheese in your kitchen, knowing you’re helping farmers in a Tillamook auction. For their 3rd year of Tillamook’s coalition, All For Farmers, that supports farmers across the nation, Tillamook wanted to host an auction to raise funds for American Farmland Trust. Using the power of their brand, items such as Tillamook’s Yum Bus, stocked cheese fridge, and overnight stay at the creamery were attained. With eBay and Tillamook behind the marketing and Matchfire behind the auction management, a successful campaign was created. Having experience with vehicle auctions and one-of a-kind experiences and items, Matchfire’s assistance was integral, raising $55,000 for American Farmland Trust, 35,000 page views and almost a million impressions.