Terms and Conditions for Bidding on this eBay Auction

Bidders must register with valid contact information and have a valid eBay account in good standing.

Bidders are hereby notified that by placing a bid on this item, the Bidder becomes legally bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth in this registration form and the Terms and Conditions stated on eBay’s website regarding bidding and buying available here

All bids are legally binding and enforceable. Notwithstanding your final bidder status at the end of the auction as the final high bidder, all bids placed are considered to be legally binding at the highest bid amount placed by your account.

Matchfire Auctions and its partners reserve the right to seek remedies and damages to the fullest extent permitted by law against non paying bidders or any individual who compromises the integrity, proper conduct and/or reputation of this auction event by placing fraudulent bids or any type of activity that may be harmful and detrimental to the outcome of this auction.

Matchfire Auctions and its partners will pursue compensation for any loss or damages as a result of a non paying bidder or bid cancellation or as a result of any bidding activity deemed to be fraudulent in nature or that causes damage(s) and harm to the auction to the fullest extent as permissible by law.

Matchfire Auctions may take additional legal action against you for fraudulent bidding activity to recover the entire final bid price and stated damages in addition to costs associated with additional damages caused by fraudulent bidding which includes but are not limited to; administrative fees, legal fees, costs for damages and recovery costs. Matchfire Auctions will provide all information to local authorities and credit bureaus.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to be contacted by Matchfire using the contact information you provided.